Our Story

I was introduced to these spoiled walks by my father and grandfather.

My grandfather lived in a little house on the first fairway of a municipal nine holer in the mountains of North Carolina. I vividly remember early mornings in the aptly named Great Smoky Mountains. We would pack two or three clubs that he had cut down for me into a golf cart with his clubs and a tall cup of coffee and set off to play. I quickly learned that golf is hard but the time I got to spend with my grandfather on the course was about much more than learning to hit the ball straighter and farther.

A few years later my father got a job in Michigan and, along with the new job, came a membership to one of the best golf courses in the country, Oakland Hills Country Club. Country Club golf was a little different than the muni course in the mountains. There were 36 holes instead of 9, but there were also more rules. Collared shirts were a must and they had to be tucked in. Kids couldn’t play the South course. And no longer could I use a tee from the fairway. But I found freedom in shooting three rounds of nine holes under 50 to earn my bag tag and be allowed to walk the North course by myself and with my friends. I grew up loving summers at the club and the freedom of being out on the course for hours.

Whether you're new to the game of golf or grew up with fond memories, like me, we're really glad you found Good Walk Coffee and hope every cup you enjoy enhances your love for the game.

Chris Mellow
Founder / CEO

Why golf and coffee?

Coffee has many performance benefits that are useful to golfers. It heightens focus and mental acuity. It has anti inflammatory properties that help muscles recover and perform better. It reduces perceived exertion and helps maintain energy during a round. Also, a good cup of coffee, like golf, makes your day better. Shared stories over a cup of coffee are like those shared on a golf course. They’re bigger than just the story itself.

What’s special about a golf coffee company?

Golf emphasizes fair play, honesty, and abiding by the rules even when no one is there to hold you to them. These are traits that are supposed to instill character and shape people into the good citizens that we wish our world to be filled with. They are traits that we use to guide the business principles of Good Walk Coffee Company.

"Leave the course better than you found it." Whether it's fixing divots or repairing pitch marks that aren't yours, there's a responsibility that we learn early to collectively take care of our environment. At Good Walk Coffee we will always look to carry products and select materials and processes that have a minimal impact on our planet.

Golf is an old game, a slow game, a game of endless frustration that is impossible to master. It is a game that, with one shanked hozzle rocket, can make you want to sell your clubs and quit playing forever. And with the very next swing, a pured iron shot that nestles up next to the pin, has you thinking “I never want this round to end.” It’s an experience that can be a lot like business and life. In both, you experience ups and downs. But in the end, you grow in ways you weren’t expecting and you wouldn’t change the experience for anything.

Getting ready to swing a few at Franklin GC, 1982
2005 Piper at OHCC when huge shorts ruled
The game getting passed down to the next generation